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HRM practice - strategy, processes, policies, instruments  

People are critical assets and fundamental to the competitive advantage of each organization. Therefore, organizations need to have right systems in place to manage the human capital in order to achieve their organizational successes. We either assist organizations in building HRM/HCM from the scratch (e.g. start-ups) or developing the existing ones. Our most common projects include but are not limited to the following:

  • HRM strategy (facilitation, formulation, implementation)

  • Recruitment & Selection strategies

  • AC/DC

  • Competency based HRM (competency based models interrelated with other HRM strategies)

  • Performance Management

  • Talent Management – system and instruments for talent identification

  • IDP / IIP

  • Succession planning

  • Coaching culture / Mentoring culture

  • Corporate culture diagnosis, enhancement, modelling

  • Reward systems for various levels and categories of employees (executives, managers, staff, sales, workers etc.)

  • EVP

  • HRIS for performance management, talent management, employee development, succession planning

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