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Tenis Serve

Executive coaching
Win Your Inner Game! 

"Every game is composed of two parts, an outer game and an inner game. The outer game is played against an external opponent to overcome external obstacles, and to reach an external goal. Mastaring this game is the subject of many books offering instructions: on how to swing a racket, club or bat, and how to position arms, legs or torso to achieve the best results. But for some reason most of us find these instructions easier to remember than to execute."

The Inner Game of Tennis, W. Timothy Gallwey


Our coaching services are meant for leaders of all levels with a particular focus upon women in leadership (S-Suite, line leaders, self-leaders); business people representing different sectors, branches and departments; Senior HR Professionals (SHRP) managing others or holding non-managerial roles (HRPB, experts); expats in business and their family members in Poland and in any other European or Asian country. 

Contact our consultants to learn more of our approach and programs. ​

How do we work?

Ducopoint provides coaching programs face-to-face, via Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, WeChat, FaceTime which makes it highly accessible to anyone wherever he or she is currently located. Each of our coaching programs is  a strictly defined process. Each step of the process states its objectives and defines its deliverables as well as the overall process itself.

Apart from the predefined sessions schedule, our customers are welcomed to “emergency calls” wherever needed during the first part of the program. As business professionals and HRM experts we apply advanced premier class systems and tools for diagnosing leadership practices, assessing individual competences, mapping strengths and development areas etc.

Szczęśliwi przyjaciele

Step I - Free "Get-to-know-each-other session (20-30')

Step I is the first contact session provided usually via Skype / telephone/ Zoom/ WeChat/ FaceTime aims to discuss Cochees' expecations as per the process framework, coaching assistance scope, timing and general framework. A coach demonstrates and describes methods of the preferred work. During this introductory session, coachees usually present a coach with the subject they want to explore during the process (if already defined). This first quick meeting leads to the introductory full intake session.

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Step II - Setting up objectives and deliverables

Step II  aims to define clear objectives of the coaching program reflected in a set of KPI's if possible. This helps to decide if the coaching process was succesfully completed.

In case the Organisation is the sponsor of the process, this step needs to engage Sponsor (Organisation), Coachee and Coach. 

A key point here is to ensure the objectves are aligned between the parties involved. 

Step III - coaching program

The third step constitutes a coaching program tailored on the grounds of the specified needs, defined goals and outcomes. Choose the program out of the three proposed based on the general time and duration framework. Its content & scenarios will be developed specifically for the Coachee.  

Our coaching programs 

Ducopoint provides coaching programs face-to-face, via Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, WeChat, FaceTime as fully customised processes or semi-customised for these customers who might not be able to define what they head for yet. 


Diamond Program

12 x 60 minutes 

Duration: max. 12 months 

Frequency: min. every month 

Format: face-to-face, on-line

(Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, WeChat, FaceTime)


Opal Program 

8 x 60 minutes 

Duration: max. 8 months 

Frequency: optimally every 2nd-3rd week

Format: face-to-face, on-line

(Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, WeChat, FaceTime)


Amber Program 

6 x 60 minutes 

Duration: max. 6 months  

Frequency: optimally, every 2nd-3rd week

Format: face-to-face, on-line

(Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, WeChat, FaceTime)

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