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All-In-One Mental Health and Well-being e-platform

  • Empower students and teams to achieve extraordinary results by proactively assessing, enhancing and monitoring mental health and wellbeing

  • Enable schools and organizations to tailor mental health and wellbeing initiatives to actual organizational challenges

  • Revolutionize how behavioral health and mental wellness are assessed and addressed via an intelligent platform and corresponding follow-up activities 

  • Reduce Mental Health disorders

  • Build a resilient organisation

  • Improve academic performance and business efficiency 

Ducopoint Business Consulting partners with a worldwide acknowledged company –                                      to provide an outstanding solution for schools and workplaces to address behavioral health of their students and employees

Dziewczyna w szkole

Empower students to achieve satisfactory academic performance


Designed for primary, middle and high school students (3-12 grades)


Empower Teams to achieve desired results 


Designed for all workplaces (industry & services) to manage stress resistant work environments in which mental health and wellbeing matter

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