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Women Leadership Program

Are you a woman–leader or a woman-leader to be?


Join a 10-session on-line program to master your leadership capabilities and to ensure a balance among all areas of life that are important to you. This individual program is a structured process but fully customized upon the onset customer demands.

Accelerating your career while retaining a work – life balance

Empowering Women Leadership Program is a structured intensive learning experience that will help women in leadership roles to enhance their leadership capabilities and empower to balance all areas of life that matter to them.

Over the course of 10 fully structured 2 hour sessions on-line you will explore in depth your leadership practices and how they may impact your interlocutors. You will also better understand how your identity demonstrates its presence in how you lead people. You will also spend some time to discover how your values shape your experience and practice of leadership. You will benefit from ready to use tools to enhance your leadership practices and build trust with your teams, also in an international setting.

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coaching program

Increase your influence and drive impact

The proportion of women in key leadership roles still remains relatively low in most organizations.  Women – leaders face diverse challenges when progressing into senior leadership roles, including unconscious bias, a peer group isolation the more senior role they take, negotiating a balance between various work and non-work related roles women take, role stereotyping that has an actual impact on how their contribution is valued and perceived.  

Benefit from 6-coaching session program fully customized to what you actually need!

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