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Team development 

High performing teams are incredible assets to any organization. Developing high-performing teams is a multi-perspective and complex process. Its principal goal is to assemble various individuals and make them work together well for maximum contributions to the team’s desired outcome.  We developed some standard and specific programs to help leaders build effective teams. Moreover, we also prepared some team workshops to help team members become a real team.

Zespół Meeting

A-Team development 
(Program for team leaders)

  • Do you lead a team and want to understand how you can support your team to become highly effective

  • Learn simple tactics to develop a high performing team

This introductory 8-session “A-Team development” program for leaders provides a deep insight into who you are as a leader for your team and educates in multiple instruments to effectively manage a team. As a follow up, it is a usual practice to continue with a specific topic of the particular interest that can take a form of a pure workshop, one-point-lesson, coaching or mentoring or just a consultation whenever necessary.

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Take a flight with colours
(Team coaching)

People are different and as a consequence teams are diversified. It is an incredibly important role of the team leader to make sure that people work at their best. People are always at their best when they do what comes up as a natural preference, derives from heart and goes along with their interests and strengths.

This 3-stage program starts with a diagnosis of what is important individually for each team member and what strengths each of them has. This 1st stage is followed by 45’ individual feedback on the team members' natural and adaptive preferences, strengths and how they can work for the team. The frist two stages of the process are on-line interventions.

Once the stages 1 and 2 are completed, we move to the stage 3 which is a one day team workshop. People share what they value for life, discuss their natural preferences of behavior,  interests and what they consider as their strengths and weaknesses. As a result of the workshop they learn other team members’ values and strengths and finally develop “How to work with each member of the team” plan.   

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Dyskusja i wybór palety kolorów
Dyskusja i wybór palety kolorów

What team are you? 
(Team assessment + workshop)

If a statement: “I don’t care what we do as long as I get my paycheck at the end of the week” is often outspoken by the members of the team and they demonstrate either of these behaviours:

  • rarely share their opinions, adopt defensive behavior and miscommunicate

  • falsify that everything is fine on the surface and tiptoe around each other, whilst being inwardly unhappy and ducking out of important conversations and debates that are vital to driving a progress

  • prioritise their own results, rather than those of the team.

    This program is a great fit for your needs.

    The program consists of 4 stages.


  • Stage I – team members are asked to fill in a on-line questionnaire which should not take more than 6-7 min. max.

  • Stage II – an individual on-line meeting is organized with a consultant to dig deeper into the content of the questionnaire and collect more information for a customized one day workshop.

  • Stage III – one day workshop during which the team works on identifying the strongest weaknesses of the team and sets up an improvement plan as a team

  • Stage IV – each team member develops and individual action plan as referred to each team member. Optionally, a 30 min. on-line meeting can be scheduled with a consultant to double check the plan content.

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