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Congratulations to our, first in Shanghai, “Orange Butterflies!

The first edition of „ORANGE Butterfly” (Coaching Mindset) took place at American

Boat constructors, puzzle resolvers - "Orange Butterfly"course

Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai on 23rd August.

The first edition of „ORANGE Butterfly” (Coaching Mindset) took place at American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai on 23rd August.

This was an introductory course to Ducopoint Coaching Fundamentals Program that consists of three courses: “Orange Butterfly” (Coaching Mindset), “Red Butterfly” (Coaching Toolkit) and “Purple Butterfly” (Advanced Coaching Toolkit). The next courses will follow. Check on the website: www.ducopoint.com

The overall program as well as its parts can be organised in-house at the companies. For more information please contact Program Director: magdalena.krzyzanowska@ducopoint.com

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Dear Customers! Please, let us know your interests so as we could regularly adjust and specifically tailor our offer as per the customers' needs and expectations.

Please, either scan QR code or enter the link to fill in the survey on the programs offered by Ducopoint.


Please, tick off min. 3 and max. 6 programs that got your interest in the context of workshops, consulting, coaching and / or mentoring

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"DISC Fundamentals" WeChat Group was created following Lunch & Learn session on "Retain your Talents with Colours" organised by AmCham in Shanghai on 26th March.

Originally the WeChat Group was created for the participants of the Lunch & Learn session, but now it became OPEN to anyone interested in DISC styles and human preferences.

Whether you are a business person or a parent, DISC methodology may apply perfectly for either of the contexts: business and private!

“DISC Fundamentals” WeChat Group is for everyone who would like to continue to learn further about DISC applications, exchange own experiences and / or discuss any topics DISC related. Welcome and have fun!

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