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Our “Assessment in business” service refers to the wide variety of methods and tools that help organizations to evaluate, measure, and document business processes, systems, competences such as e.g.: personality assessment, leadership assessment, culture assessment, workplace climate  assessment, etc. While assessments are more and more frequently applied by the companies, our methods and tools stand out due its validity and reliability. We apply only scientifically rigorous tools that measure exactly what is supposed to be measured over a period of time and come out with consistent individual scores.  Our assessments are accurate and consistent.

 Choosing the right assessment for selecting and developing employees can make or break the success of a talent initiative. The same goes with team and culture assessments which may either help with shaping the desired behaviors, attitudes and people development initiatives, or completely fail by making inappropriate choices and finally decisions. We apply only scientifically proved methods and tools such as personality, culture, team surveys and questionnaires and AC/DC wherever appropriate.  


Learn more of our specific assessments by click on the subject of your interest.

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Leadership assessment 

A leadership assessment is based on the results of a wide range of psychometric tests that measure the competencies of an effective leader. A leadership assessment tests look beyond role-specific skills and measure the personality traits and aptitude required for a leadership role. The psychometric tools can also be applied in the initial stages of AC/AD. 


Organizational culture

Not only successful strategies but also an organizational culture seems to be a driving force of the modern company. Values, beliefs, preferred behaviors either make people attracted and finally committed or reverse, they make them completely discouraged. Ducopoint offers an assessment of the existing organizational culture vs the desired culture. It proposes a follow up plan accordingly. 

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Team assessment 

Teamwork, and not individual achievement, is the preferred mode of work by the companies. Members of the cohesive teams trust one another, can engage into the constructive conflict, always commit to the actions and decisions made, hold accountability for delivering against the results and focus on achieving collective targets as opposed to the individual targets. 


Employee well-being 

Employees want to be fulfilled in their jobs. They will however not be fulfilled if they are not known to others in the organization and not individually appreciated; if they do not know how their work impacts the lives of others;  if they cannot assess their own level of performance and success. Our assessment will help to identify the strongest and the weakest dimensions of the employee engagement.  The follow up plan will be proposed accordingly.

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Assessment Center (AC) and Development Center (DC) are the processes employing multiple techniques and multiple assessors to produce judgements regarding the extent to which a participant displays selected competencies. Assessment Center (AC) is meant to take critical decisions like selective or rejecting a candidate for recruitment, for promotions and appraisals etc. whereas Development Center (DC) is meant to assess potential, to identify strengths and development needs and the end result is a well-documented individual development plan for each participant.

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