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We are curious, creative, enthusiastic and simplicity focused network of business consultants working acrosss Europe and Asia

DucoPoint is a management consulting company founded in 2015 in Shanghai, China by dr Magdalena Krzyzanowska-Celmer. Initially, the company gathered executive coaches & business mentors who worked with individual clients to help them discover their potential, identify interest areas and career opportunities built upon their strengths. Over time the company has grown since its establishment and increased both a scope of activities and target regions. DucoPoint customers are the companies in Europe & Asia which range from start-ups to multinational organisations operating across cultures. All of them seek the best solutions to continuously develop their leadership, people, teams and culture.

We provide complex projects which embrace not only individual and team needs but also leadership and organisational development. Thus, dependely upon the project scope, we apply fully customised approach, resources and tools. We hire business strategists, psychologists and academicians to ensure the customer needs are catered.  

Effective leadership

Leadership development programs (C-Suite, N-1, High Potentials)

Effective people 

Personality assessments & Indivdual development programs (Extended Disc, MBTI, Hogan Personality Assessment, LPI etc.)  

Effective teams 

High Performing Teams (assessments, team coaching, workshops)

Effective culture

Culture transformation, culture intergration, culture audits, coaching & mentoring culture development)

Who? Why? How?

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