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Leadership mentoring 

Our leadership mentoring programs are addressed to junior managers and/or managers to be. We also tailored a specific mentoring program for exisitng HR contributors, SHRPs who aspire to senior HR roles or already hold them. Look below for the details

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"First time Manager"
mentoring program 

  • Are you a newly appointed Manager?

  • You have a few years of managerial experience but face some challenges?

  • You want someone to advise you on some specific topics related to team leadership and management in a fully customized one-to-one environment?

Fist time managers mentoring program is exactly what you might need!

This 10 session (2 h/each) “Early stages leadership & managerial mentoring program” will provide guidance, support and advice to managers to be, new managers and  existing managers who face challenges related to leading and managing their teams.

In its standard option, mentors will walk you through the model leadership practices and managerial actions with particular focus on its distinct functions. The program starts with a leadership and management approach self – reflection and diagnosis which provides a clear framework for further program development. Mentors share their knowledge, skills, experience and instruments with less experienced persons. We do our best to match our mentees with mentors in a way they ideally share a professional field and / or industry.

Find your mentor with us! Just let us know you are interested!

Reach out to us for more inforamtion!

Mentoring program
for HR leaders

  • Are you an experienced HR leader and/or at the beginning of your leadership career in HR?

  • You have been working as an HR leader for a few years but encountered some specific challenges related to leading and managing HR field that are new to yourself ?

  • You are on the onset of your HR journey. You love what you do but sometimes you feel lost and need someone else to advise.

  • You are a senior leader in the complex multinational organization and need another perspective or viewpoint of the projects or issues you lead.  

Mentoring program for HR leaders seems a good fit for your needs.

This 6-10 sessions mentoring program agilely customized to what you specifically need in a given moment is a great solution to get guidance on HR topics  which are either non-standard and sporadic or non-regular.

At the onset of the program, we define specific subjects you would like to cover over the course of the dedicated time and off we go!

The topics may range from administrative HR tasks through talent management and succession planning to complex restructuring projects on international level.

Reach out to us for more inforamtion!

Portret młodego interesu

Mentoring program
for non-managerial
SHRP roles

  • Are you HR professional who has just started your adventure with HR?

  • You have attended trainings and workshops on HR but you need quick one point lessons on specific topics that come up during your professional tenure as an HR professional. You cannot wait for the coming workshop.

This highly operational mentoring program will equip you with necessary knowledge, skills and instruments to run the HR processes independently.

On-line 6-10 sessions, each dedicated to a subject of your highest interest and paced accordingly will help you to feel more confident everyday and perform successfully.

Reach out to us for more inforamtion!

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