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Organizational development - research and study 

Both academic mindsets and international professional experiences of our consultants demonstrate a unique combination of the academic and business practice.  As enthusiastic researchers and explorers of multicultural business management we conduct various researches and studies on demand.

Our expertise areas: 

Wielki Orchestra

Leadership competences


Organizational culture

twórczy Meeting

High Performing Teams

Rozmowa kwalifikacyjna

Effective communiation 

Szczęśliwy rowerzysta

Employee well-being 

For whom?

We work for both local start-ups and mature global companies. Underneath are some examples of the interventions we do.

Start-ups: We help start-ups to define a desired frameworks of leadership profile, organizational culture model, and well-being initiatives aligned to the organizational strategy. Our interventions are based upon a thorough research and study of the inside and outside organizational contexts.


Global (multicultural) companies: We help mature companies, especially these operating across borders, to define a competitive set of leadership competences aligned to the business sector and strategy, propose and conduct appropriate solutions and initiatives to fill the gaps between the existing leadership capabilities and the desired ones.

Proprietary diagnostic instruments  

We utilize either globally recognized and existing diagnostic instruments  or proprietary and specifically tailored solutions customized to the context of our customers. Our research and study can be conducted as a sole tailored service (e.g.: type of organizational culture, leadership competences) or can be a part of the larger programs.  


Study & Diagnosis

We can conduct an audit/ research / study of any process related to people strategy particularly related to our expertise areas. If you want us to investigate why an employee engagement in the organization is not satisfactory, we will develop a diagnostic tool, conduct a study, provide a report containing results and a proposal of actionable recommendations.

Lawendowe Pola


A thorough diagnosis is always the first stage of the alignment process. Utilizing globally recognized systems, we assess existing leadership competences, organizational culture, teamwork, communication effectivenss, employee satisfaction and well-being or any other process in demand. Next, we identify a gap between the existing and desired concepts and develop a bridge in a form of the customized solutions.    

Biznesowa rutyna

Selection, development, succession

We conduct an assessment of competences and personality of potential or existing employees and confront the results of the assessments with the selection, development and / or succession criteria. This process provides high level valid and reliable data to make appropriate employment and development decisions. We usually apply a triangulation of methods to come up with the most optimal outcome.

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