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Dr Magdalena Krzyzanowska-Celmer

Founder & Managing Partner  

DucoPoint Business Consulting 

Professional history:

  • SHRP (HR Director) (Europe, Asia)

  • Executive coach (ICC)

  • Assessor (AC/DC)

  • Leadership & HRM mentor

  • Author 

  • Academic lecturer & business trainer 


  • Executive Coach (ICC)

  • Assessor - Certified Assessor for AC & DC (CAADC)

  • Extended DISC     

  • Hogan personality assessment




Dr Magdalena Krzyzanowska-Celmer demonstrates a combination of the academic and business practice mindsets. She  has been an international SHRP & leadership mentor with 20 - year industrial experience on various people management related positions – local (Poland) and regional roles (Europe, Asia) (HR Manager, HR systems & communications Director, Europe; HR Director, Europe) at global organizations from various sectors such as e.g.: automotive, oil & gas, chemicals, packaging (Kongsberg Automotive, PPG, Graham Packaging Company,). She successfully led numerous restructure, change and M&A processes; developed and managed international teams and complex projects. She majors in strategic organization, C-suite leadership development, cross cultural management, organizational culture change & enhancement, high performing and effective teams, executive & business coaching and mentoring. She worked in Europe (Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, UK) and Asia (China).

She is also an enthusiastic researcher and explorer of multicultural business management and leadership practices with a special focus on Asian management models (PhD degree). Certified assessor and executive & business coach. Licensed in various psychometric instruments.

krzyzanowska-celmer okladka.jpg

List of publications

Magdalena Krzyzanowska-Celmer,
​ORCID #:      0000-0001-5418-9070


  • Krzyżanowska-Celmer, M. (2023). Kulturowe uwarunkowania kompetencji przywódczych ekspatriantów na przykładzie Chińskiej Republiki Ludowej, PWE.

  • Krzyżanowska-Celmer, M. (2023). Kompetencje przywódcze menedżerów uwarunkowane wartościami konfucjańskimi w Chińskiej Republice Ludowej, [w:] M. Juchnowicz, H. Kinowska, Zarządzanie kapitałem ludzkim w warunkach niepewności – wyzwania i implikacje, PWE.

  • Krzyzanowska-Celmer, M. (2022). Retaining Millennials in the People’s Republic of China. In D. Molek-Winiarska (Ed.), Shaping employee experience in the changing social and organisational conditions (pp. 83-88). Wrocław: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu.

  • Krzyżanowska-Celmer , M. (2019). Unikatowe kompetencje ekspatriantów-menedżerów. Edukacja Ekonomistów i Menedżerów, 53(3), 143-154.

  • Krzyżanowska-Celmer , M. (2019). Gig economy. Retaining millennials though agile development, EURObiz, Journal of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, Issue 51, July/August, 2019, s. 8-10. 

  • Krzyżanowska-Celmer (2019). M. Hire People, not Certificates! Develop People, not Papers!, EURObiz, Journal of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, December 11, 2019. Retrieved from

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Dzień ukończenia studiów


  • PhD degree in the field of social sciences in the discipline of management and quality sciences (SGH Warsaw University of Economics).

  • Master of Arts, College of English (MA) major in English and American Literature.     

  • MBA (Jiao Tong University , Shanghai, China).  

Komunikacja z językami migowymi



  • Leadership Practices (LPI) (Green Leaf consulting, US) 

  • Change Management, High Performing Teams (Graham University)   

  • Strategic Organization (Levinson institute, Boston, US)

  • Management in Crisis Situations
    (Mirabaund Visconti & Guillery Malvy, BEL)

  • Research paper grant: Canterbury University, Canterbury, UK

  • Polish (native)

  • English (fluent)

  • French (intermediate)

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