What makes us different
  • Industrial expertise: we come from industry and have an excellent practical understanding of the industrial needs.

  • Our expertise areas: Cross Cultural Management (CCM), Organisational Culture (OC), Leadership Development (LD), High Performing Teams (HPT) and HRM Instruments

  • Specialization: we do not do everything but specialize in the following disciplines: Assessment, Coaching for business, HRM mentoring, Development Pograms in our industrial expertise areas 

  • Full customization: we provide customized solutions based on the vast premier world class and proprietary expertise and worldwide recognised tools

  • International mindset: our practitioners have been either working and / or implementing projects across various countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and / or US

  • Unconventional methodologies: apart from traditional workshops we offer one point lessons (short 3-5 hour instructional forms), face to face instructions, in box training packages and webinars 

  • DUCO solutions: we offer ready to use products for the main areas of our expertise (see more). 

  • HRM Mentoring: C&B policies and systems, Talent Management, Succession Planning, Retention programs, Performance Management, HRM digitalisation, organisational culture, leadership development, Employer Branding, HRIS

  • International presence: we operate globally with a special focus upon Europe and Asia Pacific

Our 5 Values lead us to our 5 Principles

1. The power of less over the power of more

2. Proactivity over reactivity

3. Great idea over complex projects

4. Focus on doing over studying

5. Flexibility over conformity

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