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Agile solutions for effective
Organisations, Teams and People



DucoPoint provides consultancy, instructions and workshops in the following areas:

  • Cross cultural management (enhance cross cultural capabilities)

  • Organisational culture (empower an organisational culture)

  • Leadership empowerment (grow empowered Leaders)

  • High Performing Teams (develop High Performing Teams) 

  • HRM (Processes, systems, tools, HRIS)

Cross cultural management


Cultures consist of commonly experienced language, ideological belief systems, ethic heritage, and history. Cultures are different thus their representatives behave differently too. In the era of globalisation cultures mingle or rather people mingle since they do business across borders. Cross cultural management helps to apply the best out of the cultural synergies and eliminate the least appropriate gaps. A cultural diversity is a sign of the age!

     Package may include:

  • Workshops on cross cultural management, cultural dimensions

  • One point lessons (short workshops on the selected topics within cultural context such as:  communication, performance management

  • Coaching

  • Mentoring

   Your should consider it when:

  • People feel offended and find others disrespectful

  • People do not talk to each other rather write e-mails

  • Employees do not understand their bosses expectations, feedback

  • People have poor performance results in the eyes of their bosses

  • Company values, mission and vison are not known or poorly known

  • People do not have a sense of accountability 

  • Employees find their bosses management style aggressive whereas bosses think the employees are slow and ineffecive

Organisational culture

Organisational culture is about how we do things. It stands for a commonly used nomenclature within the organisation, shared organisational values, and organisational history. This is important the organisational culture is known, accepted and practiced. Strong organisations have clear and cultivated organisational cultures in place. Thus, it is important to constantly enhance organisational cultures.

Package may include:

  • Organisational culture diagnosis

  • Organisational culture change (definition, implementation, workshops)

  • OC measure tool

  • Workshops

You should consider it when:

  • Employees do not know the company values and principles

  • Employees do not identify with the company’s strategy and objectives

  • Leaders do not feel they have clear indicators on what is expected from them as per leadership, communications, decision making etc.

  • Talents feel there is no future and leave the company

  • Poor results of employee opinion survey

  • People do not see and cannot define common dimensions of the organizational integrity (acquisitions, mergers)

Leadership Empowerment

This is a common saying that "Great leaders deliver great results" which in the end means that "organisations with strong leaders and superior leadership developmnet strategies deliver better results". Thus, this is so important to ensure a high caliber leadership force to drive the business forward in such a turbulent, dynamic and hard to predict times. 


Package may include

  • Actual leadership  practices inventory 

  • Leadership model design 

  • Leadership gap analysis

  • Team leadership programs - fully custimised 

  • Individual development plans for the specific individuals

  • Building a leadership pipeline + development program 

  • Leadership coaching / mentoring 

Your should consider it when:

  • Leaders shall be more committed and aligned

  • People do not feel inspired

  • People do not know company’s direction, strategy, values

  • People demonstrate they are unhappy with the boss

  • People are not recognized for their achievements

  • People do not deliver results 

High Performing teams

“High performing teams” is a timeless dilemma of every organisation. Whereas there are many definitions of the high performing teams, a few aspects have always been reoccurring. Organisations want highly committed, accountable, trust-based and open-minded teams that deliver the results. Thus, it is good to know where the leverage areas lay and nurture the healthy ambiance before it gets sick.


Package may include:

  • Team mapping, team diagnosis (various tools dependently upon the context)

  • Team development plan design and execution

  • Team coaching / individual coaching    

  • Workshops enhancing teamwork awareness and cooperation

You should consider it when:

  • People are not achievement-oriented and teams have poor results

  • Employees focus on their own careers and individual objectives instead of the common objectives

  • Key deliverables and deadlines are missed

  • People are not committed that creates ambiguity among the team about direction and priorities

  • Members of the teams do not talk to each other

  • Teams are always late with the solutions / or provide wrong solutions

  • People are narrow-minded and avoid controversial topics critical to the company success

  • People conceal their weaknesses and mistakes from one another

  • People do not trust one another

HRM mentoring

High-tech tools are important but they only support the processes which need to be well designed. We believe that HRM processes such as e.g. performance management, talent management, succession planning are not about WorkDay or Success Factors Performance Manager only but they comprise various life cycle elements that need to be defined in detail and match the business context.

Package may include:

  • HRM Audit and complete follow up

  • Mentoring and / or instructional sessions on the HRM processes, tools, initiatives to Senior HR Professionals

  • HRM tools workshops specifically for HR professionals

HRM processes may include (but are not limited to): recruitment & staffing, training & development, talent management, performance management, succession planning, organisational culture alignment, employer branding management, employee communications management

Leadership mentoring

Leaders model the way and provide guidance not only on where to go but on how to go, in particular. Each company has its own way of doing things that requires leaders of specific competences apart from the universal ones. The leadership practices may encompass various dimensions dependently upon the company culture, standards and expectations which are in front of the managers.   


Package may include:

  • Identification of the existing leadership practices

  • Defining leadership competences gaps  

  • Building up Individual Development Plans (IDP) + follow up

  • Conducting mentoring sessions on leadership for leaders

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