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Curious, creative, enthusiastic and simplicity focused network of business consultants working acrosss Europe and Asia 

We work with

We are

  • Business practitioners with a solid professional experience in various industrial sectors (automotive, FMCG, plastics, machinery, metal) 

  • Seasoned HRM and Leadership experts who are made to drive business success in the various organizational areas

  • International strategists with the multicultural mindset who have been developing successful HRM strategies working acrosss borders in Europe, Asia and US


Expertise fields

  • Cross Cultural Management (CCM),

  • Organisational Culture (OC),

  • Leadership Development (LD),

  • High Performing Teams (HPT)

  • HRM Instruments (HRIS, processes, tools)

Our "Whys"

  • Business know-how: we are not only business consultants but also or mainly business practitioners who have an excellent practical understanding of the business needs.

  • Full customization: we provide customized solutions based on the vast premier world class and proprietary expertise and worldwide recognised tools

  • International mindset: our practitioners have been either working and / or implementing projects across various countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and / or US

  • International presence: we operate globally with a special focus upon Europe and Asia Pacific

Our methods

  • Unconventional methodologies: apart from traditional workshops we offer one point lessons (short 3-5 hour instructional forms), face to face instructions, in box training packages and webinars

  • Covid-19 adaptations: all of the above methods are now available and mainly delivered via Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, FaceTime, WeChat 


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