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Principled Leadership

Powerful Leadership Program for Executives  

Take Your Leaders to the next … Level

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.

- Lao Tze ~300 BCE

"The need for leadership development has never been more urgent. Companies of all sorts realize that to survive in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment, they need leadership skills and organizational capabilities different from those that helped them succeed in the past" (Moldoveanu, M., Narayandas, D., The Future of Leadership Development, HBR Magazine, March–April 2019).

Why shall we care about leadership?


Times seem even more challenging once the companies realize they need to operate in the world which is more brittle, anxious, nonlinear, incomprehensible than ever. Companies look for leaders who are capable of successfully navigating these complex challenges by empowering their teams and achieving extraordinary results. In the challenging BANI times people look for endured elements that are sustainable and lasting such as values and ethics. Principled leadership emphasizes ethical behavior, transparency, accountability and responsibility. It is a leadership style that is guided by a set of core principles and values which serve as a foundation for decision-making and action. Principled leaders posses certain characteristics that set them apart from other leaders such as: integrity, vision, courage, empathy, and accountability. They are also ready and eager to gain insight into their own leadership behaviors in relation to what leaders do when they operate at their personal best. Their personal growth will elevate the entire organization.

Principled development program and not a simple workshop

Our Principled Leadership program is NOT another training or workshop, but a principled process that takes leaders into a journey they plan and accomplish within the agreed framework and time. To make this journey an experience that matters and brings tangible effects, we accompany the leaders for a period of six months or more.

Four-stage journey within six months

There might be various scenarios and instruments applied along the journey but a general pattern of the process stays the same.

The initial stage of the journey embraces a self – empowered assessment of the exemplary leadership behaviors (based on the data-driven framework of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership) which provides insight into the leadership behaviors of the individual as compared to the more than 1.65 mio leaders worldwide using the same instrument. A data-driven report is a powerful tool to realise the behaviors that stand apart from the ones considered as exemplary. For organizations which are mature enough, it is recommended to apply 360 or at least 180 assessment version of the exemplary leadership instrument. Moreover, in its complete version, this assessment is often preceded by an individual personality assessment which provides additional data on the leader’s natural behavior preferences. These can be Extended DISC, Hogan Personality Assessment, Insights etc. A combination of the both assessments provides a full picture and comparison of what the leaders value and consider as their natural way of acting with their leadership behaviors as compared to exemplar leaders.

This assessment is followed by a four hour facilitated group learning experience which helps leaders to grow and develop. They are introduced to the language of leadership through the lens of their own behaviors. Through this powerful experience, leaders begin to recognize and act on their own natural leadership abilities and are armed with definitive actions they can take to grow.

A facilitated group learning experience is followed by three 60’ leadership coaching sessions (one per month) delivered on line (Zoom, MS Teams, Skype). The leadership coaching sessions are supposed to ensure the leaders progress with an accomplishment of their growth and development plan towards the desired direction. 

In the meantime, leaders participate in five facilitated challenges (“Five leadership Practices Menus”) delivered on line, each dedicated to one of five leadership practices. These night events are supposed to inspire leaders for taking actions that they might not have taken until this moment and enhance a positive attitude towards a change.  

An overall process ends with a 60’ individual wrap-up and feedback on the implemented plan. This occurrence takes place either in person or on-line.

A standard process framework might differ and can become more complex and longer. Its scope and length are subjects to further discussion.

Standard Principled Leadership Program Process

Our Standard Principled Leadership Program Process embraces 5 phases that can be customised to the customers needs in case other specific requirements are needed to be considered for the process. 

Individual personality assessment

Self-Empowered leadership assessment

Three 60' leadership coaching sessions 

Five facilitated 60' leadership challenges

60' individual wrap-up and feedback

Let’s Work Together

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